Modern Style Pet Portraits by Manda Wolfe

I discovered Manda’s Wolfe’s work the other day. I find her work so cheery and fresh with a modern take on the traditional pet portrait. Her unique compositions make her work really stand out from other artists. The bright background colors really make each animal pop!

Pug by Manda WolfeBelow you can see how Manda uses YOUR photo of YOUR pet to create her paintings.


Chihuahua portrait

I love how the plum color background compliment’s the Chihuahua’s ears.

Dalmatian portrait by Manda Wolfe

This unique portrait of a Dalmatian puppy is so creative and modern. Manda works in gouache which gives a beautiful rich deep saturated effect. She works out of her Santa Barbara home.

Boxer portrait by Manda Wolfe

How can you not LOVE this Boxer portrait. The sweet face nestled beside the paw defined by the artist’s almost linocut style lines highlight all the adorable creases and folds. You can place your custom order on Manda’s Etsy Shop.

Pet portrait studio shotAs you can imagine Manda is a pet lover. She occasionally donates pieces to foster organizations and is always trying to help adopt out furry friends that need a loving home. Of course she has her own studio assistants,  a cat named Dexter and Abby the dog. If you want to learn more about how to commission Manda to create a portrait for you check out her website  You can also follow her on Facebook. 

Manda WolfeI love this photo of the artist with her dog Laci, who passed away in 2013. She was Manda’s original fur baby and the inspiration behind her very first pet portrait.


Colorful Children’s Knobs Painted by Lisa Baldwin

I discovered these fun hand painted knobs the other day by Lisa Baldwin. Plain cabinets or simple furniture pieces get an instant upgrade when you put these on! The custom combinations are endless at only $5 each.

Personalized painted knobs



I absolutely LOVE these silly MONSTER knobs! They are beyond hysterical and cheerful. They would be lovely in a nursery and could grow with the child for many years. There’s MORE to choose from, not just these 9 I’ve posted here!

Monsters painted on knobs by Lisa Baldwin


Of course you’ll have to buy the matching tissue box! Monster tissue box painted by Lisa Baldwin

It’s hard to choose a favorite of this sea creatures collection. These fabulously gender neutral designs would make the most basic dresser or night stand happy.

Beach house painted knobs by Lisa Baldwin


Kids aren’t the only ones that deserve some fun! Check out these clever laundry room themed knobs! There’s no way you can fold and iron in the laundry room without grinning when you see these cheery knobs! Laundry  Room Cabinet Hardware by Lisa Baldwin It’s always kind of fun to peek inside the artist’s studio. Here you can see one of Lisa’s productions of safari animals. If you look closely out the window you can see how close she is to the Tennessee River! How’s that for inspiration! Lisa Bladwin's art studioLisa’s Etsy Shop Coolisart is just about to hit an astounding 2000 sales!! Check out all the things she has to offer! Just about anything you can think of, she can paint!

Embroidery with a sense of Humor, by Betsy Grace

This creative mother of SIX children, Missy, has a fantastic little shop on Etsy called Betsy Grace. named after one of her girls. She embroiders clever instructional manners in a simple modern font on beautiful linen that she sources from Europe.

Elegant embroidered linens by Betsy Grace


The designs are conversational to say the least and relatable in today’s society.  Some of the phrases she offers are “chew with your mouth closed”, “eat now text later”, “no cell phones at the table”, “facebook can wait”, “elbows off the table”,  and “say please and thank you”.il_570xN.695524340_stqa

Missy works on custom orders as well as her etsy offerings from her home studio in St. Johns, Arizona.  Each napkin is individually cut, hemmed and embroidered on beautifully colored linen.

Good Manners embroidered on linenI think they make THE perfect wedding, hostess or housewarming gift! Missy sells them in sets of 4 and 6 in a variety of fun but classic colors.


Betsy Grace also creates lovely custom monogrammed runners and napkins. I love the simplicity of these, navy blue on fresh white and the design although somewhat ornate, isn’t fussy or formal.

il_570xN.234268498Stay up to date with Missy’s designs by following her on Facebook! Take advantage of her FREE shipping within the US offer on all embroidered linens ordered from the Etsy shop Betsy Grace. 


Laser Cut Art and Design by Maiko Kuzunishi

Maiko Kuzunishi’s style is whimsical, modern and always produces a smile. Many of her designs are probably intended for children’s rooms but I sure want one (or three) ! Made in her Kansas City studio, along with her husband Jason, they have come up with some really cool designs!

The Hedgehog clock by DecoylabMaiko uses eco-friendly bamboo to create these adorable little creatures. They’ve come up with sweet little owls, elephants, fawns, pigs, squirrels, horses, giraffes and even hippos!



Mushroom clock by Decoylab

Most of her clocks are raw bamboo but I love how this mushroom pops with the red cap! This one is made of oak plywood and acrylic.

cuckoo clock by decoylab

Who doesn’t admire a cuckoo clock!! This sweet white cut out detail pops nicely off the bamboo and I love the Roman numeral font she chose. Although it doesn’t have an actual cuckoo mechanism, I’m totally cuckoo for it!

Geo clock by DecoylabA departure from the animal clock series, and a totally new design for Decoy Lab, this geometric star clock has a bit of a retro feel. I think they are on to something here! Very well priced at $60!

Moon coasters Decoylab

I’m always drawn to celestial items for the home so I had to include these cool “moon” coasters. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like them! Decoylab has so many other items and you should check them out either on their website or their etsy shop.  You can always follow their news and new product on their Facebook page too!

Decoylab studio space


Virtuous Wares by Crystal Van Wyk

I just can’t resist hand made ceramics. Crystal Van Wyk makes all her pieces with slabs of clay or slip cast from molds. She makes all these beautiful pieces in her home studio in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

White and Turquoise 2 Tiered Bowl

I absolutely LOVE this 2 tiered bowl. It’s so elegant and I could see it used for so many things…floating flowers (shown), floating candles, fruit, candy, dips, salsas,  and even jewelry or fancy soaps!

Crystal Van Wyk

The artist working on one of her 2 tiered bowls.

Indigo Drips, Large Cup

This lovely oversized cup is so unusual. The painterly markings are so simple but distinct and intense with color. What I love about Crystal’s work is the juxtaposition of the ethereal glaze applied in almost a watercolor appearance to the imperfect ceramic shape and form.

Stoneware Tumbler in White Matte and Grey

This grouping really shows off the lovely variations that define them as handmade. Each application of glaze is different as well. All of Crystal’s work is dishwasher, food and microwave safe!

Large Red Gloss and Matte white Stoneware Bowl 7 inches

What a gorgeous juicy glaze color!! These bowls beg for fruit or a gourmet dessert, a fresh salad or maybe even a rich creamy pasta. Who doesn’t love a deep colorful bowl!

Crystal Van Wyk's studio

A little peek into the artist’s studio…

Crystal Van Wyk's studio

If you love Crystal’s work as much as I do, you can follow her on her Facebook page or visit her Etsy Shop Virtuous Wares. She also has a blog you can check out. Bon Appetit everyone!

Reclaimed Wood Artist Craig Forget

I thought this was such an unusual way to show off the rich history of reclaimed wood. Canadian artist Craig Forget, collects wood from old deteriorating barns and gives it new life in these artworks. He makes intricate cityscapes, abstracts and breathtaking sunburst mirrors.  Craig Forget's Sunburst MirrorIncredible detail seen here in this sunburst mirror. The variation of wood grains, the colors that mother nature unfolded, and the texture. I love how modern and precise Craig forms each piece from such rustic organic material.

Black sunburst mirror by Craig Forget

This almost black sunburst mirror is absolutely stunning. Crisp and rich, it fits in beautifully to this modern interior.

Detail of Craig Forget's artworkThis is a detail of one of his abstract pieces. The different levels of each piece give it a textural dimension that begs a closer look. The way each piece has been selected and assembled you are forced to take note of every beautiful knot, hole and grain line.

Craig Forest Reclaimed Wood Abstract

None of the wood has been stained, the colors are all produced by time and mother nature. The gray pieces were all exterior pieces exposed to the elements. You can find Pine, Ash, Hemlock, Maple, Elm, White Oak, and Sycamore in this 24″ X 48″ piece.

Craig Forget Abstract Reclaimed Wood

Craig is happy to take on custom orders but also has quite an inventory on his etsy shop called Carpenter Craig. Be sure to check it out and share!

Old barn

One of the beautiful barns Craig gathers from!

Cityscape made from reclaimed wood by Craig Forget

Best for last, this cityscape with a river running through it was made with Black Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Sycamore, Sasafra, Maple, Elm, Cedar and Hickory. It measures 60″ X 22″. I’m guessing these cityscapes are his favorite to create. Great conversation pieces, especially if you have one custom made for the city YOU live in!! I’ve added a video below if you want to learn more about the artist!


Chinoiserie Triptych Painting by Allison Cosmos

Forever popular Chinoiserie, this triptych was commissioned by Summer Thornton Design for a client of hers in Naples, FL. They originally had their heart set on a DeGournay wallpaper but when it was discontinued, they contacted me to create something similar with a touch of custom elements. I incorporated tropical and shore birds since the home is located near the water.
chinoiserie sampleThis was the sample I created using the colors provided to me. It was approximately 16″H X 12″ W. I used flat acrylic paints to achieve the matte style wallpaper look.

exotic crane Chinoiserie

Cranes are symbolically connected to immortality in Chinese culture. I studied the art and pose of this crane from one of the beautiful botanical illustrations of John James Audubon.

hand painted cherry blossom

Another detail of the paintings, the cherry blossoms grow consistently across the triptych and assist in connecting the 3 paintings as one landscape. Cherry blossoms in Japan symbolize mortality because of their extreme beauty and quick death.

hand painted water bird

I fell in love with this shore bird that I spotted while looking at more of John James Audubon’s work. If you like you can see the reference images I gathered on this Pinterest board called Chinoiserie Scenic Art. 

Chinoiserie triptych painting

Here are the final pieces together in my studio prior to shipment. Each one measured 100″ high. The center piece was 36″ wide and the two flanking it were 18″ wide. Below you can see what the framer did to them and how Summer Thornton arranged and styled the final space!

Summer Thornton DesignIf you are interested in commissioning Allison Cosmos to do a custom painted piece for your home or client or wish to see more of her work, check out